Events and dates:

22. APR 2017

Uckermark Site

2 pm: commemoration of the 72nd anniversary of liberation

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From 1 pm to 4 pm there will be a shuttle service between Mahn- und Gedenkstätte Ravensbrück (departure from the visitor center) and the Uckermark site

6.-17. AUG 2017

Uckermark Site

The 2017 Antifascist Feminist Volunteer Work Stay will take place August 6-17

Hello all together,
this year it's the 20ths workcamp in Himmelpfort. From 6th- 17th august. And we want to gladly invite you.
Our idea for this jubilee is that we want to listen to many stories of the last 20 years, we want to have time to talk about things that changed and things that stayed. Also we want to meet the Survivors and their families and we want to do work on the campsite.

But for this idea we try to have a workcamp only with people, who already were on a workcamp before and/or feel associated with the initiative.

All women, lesbians, trans*, and inter* people are invited to participate in the antifascist, feminist volunteer work stay from August 06 to 17, 2017 at the site of the Former Uckermark Youth Concentration Camp for Girls and Young Women and Later Extermination Site.

It would be great, if you can manage to stay the whole time, but if not, its also ok to come for some days. So if you want to come to the camp, or if there are any questions, write a message. Feel free to pass the message to people of whom you know, they were on a workcamp, because we're not sure, that we collected all the adresses.
Please registrate until the 1st of July

the workcamp organisation crew

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